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Amazing™ Pheromone Testimonials

The following testimonials were all received unsolicited and unpaid from customers.  Due to Internet privacy concerns and the nature of this product, customer information is not provided.


"This stuff is the bomb. I really didn't think it would work, but it did. I put it on and went to the store. A lady I always just say hello to, walked over and gave me her name and started to talk and ask if I had a girlfriend. I left the store and went to the gym to workout. A lady was looking so hard her boyfriend got mad, and I was having conversations with women I had never said hello to. I'm very shy. Well, the best part is for last. My girlfriend was all over me tonight!  Thank you!!"

  • I just went on a date... we were *just friends* ...not anymore! THIS STUFF RULES!!!
  • ...Stuff works! Girls at work smile EVERY morning!
  • Very fast shipping, great smell, noticeable difference, all women should get some!!
  • WOW!!!! Incredible product... recieved in 1 weeks time!! Thanx

"I ordered 8 bottles & I am going to get more when it runs out, because IT WORKS!"

"I started wearing your pheromones about a month ago, primarily at work. I have worked here over 5 years in the same position, and only now, I've noticed management wants me in on meetings which I found don't really relate to my position. My opinion became more sought after, and I was much more involved in water cooler talk. I was always a sort of 'loner' at the office, but now I find a gathering in my office just to shoot the breeze. I can only attribute this to my wearing your pheromone product."

  • This guy will get you chics!!!!!! He ROCKS!
  • Fast delivery, product as advertised. I bought 10 bottles! thanks

"I recently tried one of your products and noticed that I was aproached by a few women and that hasn't ever happened to my in the past."

"I was asked out on two dates by two seperate men! (This has never happened before!) I now truly believe in the power of pheromones! Thank you so much!"

  • What a product! Should've ordered more!! Thanks for the business!
  • Awesome product! Second order, now I have enough for years!
  • Excellent seller. Superfast + safe shipping. Oh yeah, It does give you THE EDGE!

"I used your product last night and went to a club, I could not believe the reaction, some girls asking me to dance, some for my phone number, One girl even sent me a drink, I'm an average looking guy and it was unbelievable!  Thank You very much and have a nice day."

  • Guys, this stuff really WORKS! A BARGAIN! Bought 2 yr supply..
  • This stuff really works! Can't say enough good about it!
  • Prompt, safe shipment & as described! Will buy again! THANKS!
  • Great product, nice fragrance, already getting compliments. Cheaper than cologne!

"Last month I purchased your product and wore it to a party, the guys were falling all over themselves to be around me. I've never had trouble attracting men but I definitely noticed a difference in attitudes. It seemed to make them not only sexually attracted to me but also very protective of me. I guess it made them feel like real MEN."

  • Merchandise was exactly as stated. Will buy again! Thanks.
  • Pheromone results are incredible! Will be purchasing more! Definitely.
  • Great product, fast delivery in great packaging and it works!!!!!!
  • THIS STUFF WORKS!!! Will definitely buy more. Product and service AA+ THANKS!
  • Fast delivery and my wife loves the fragrance!! What a price!

"This pheromone oil really works! Not only in the romance area : ) but I'm having wonderful relationships with my bosses and customers (I'm a corporate banker...stress!!). They seem to be more cooperative, gentle and most of all, I am more confident of myself. Another surprise (a bit personal, though)... My menstrual cycle was so irregular that it required a serious hormonal treatment. But I could not continue the treatment since the medication damaged my liver and raised blood pressure to a dangerous level. Guess what, my cycle became regular for the first time in years after I started the wearing the pheromones."

  • This stuff really works! Highly recommend picking this up!!!!
  • Smells great and women really do notice me differently! Highly recommended.

"I'll never want to go out w/o it on, it's just too much fun to pass up!  The hot blonde walking in the opposite direction down the street isnt necessarily going to pull a 180 and chase after you, it works better when you are close, in a personal setting. They've got to get close enough and linger to determine that you're the one they're being attracted to. I've noticed the most significant results with girls I was at least somewhat friendly with already because they're comfortable enough to get real close, it'll work w/ a stranger, its just more work to get in close to someone you dont know. Go for the hug too, they'll want it anyway, and doing this puts their nose right at the source of your pheromones (if you're putting it on your neck like i do). I hope this helps someone, and I hope everyone has as great luck w/ these products as I have!"

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